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How eMathMaster and Microsoft became partners

Adam Caplan, CEO of eMathsMaster & eMathMaster, reflects on the huge success of using Connect@Bett at Bett London in 2017 to schedule meetings and connect with decision makers, as the "most important thing that could maybe have happened commercially in [his] life"

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Hack The Classroom

Online live event

Watch Math teacher, and eMathMaster teacher Kerri Hallihan (1:25:42) & eMathMaster CEO, Adam Caplan (1:39:46) discuss the benefits of eMathMaster at Microsoft's Hack the Classroom event.

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Bett London, 2018

eMathMaster returned to Bett in 2018, but this time eMathMaster was invited to exhibit on the Microsoft Education stand as one of 11 partners.

Bett was exceptional this year and we look forward to Bett London 2019!

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"As a non-specialist, eMathsMaster has given me more confidence with the mathematics, along with teaching ideas to use with my classes. Of the Year 11 pupils that have been introduced to the pupil version, several have really engaged with the course since we introduced it. I believe that this will really benefit the pupil in that they can monitor their own progress which also builds confidence. It is an intuitive and easy to use platform. I highly recommend it."

- Roger Hutchinson, Biology Teacher, Barnsley Academy, UK

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