eMathMaster School Edition

eMathMaster offers a complete education-software solution for the math-teacher shortage. The School Edition includes added features especially for schools. eMathMaster is a complete learning management system for non-math teachers wanting to learn the skills required to effectively deliver high-quality math lessons covering the K12 curriculum from Kindergarten through to Grade 12. Versions available by eMathMaster include: Elementary School Edition, Middle School Edition, High School Edition and the full K12 School Edition. With all School Editions, there also exists the capability to add more students, so that they can complete the student elements of the learning program and further increase learning outcomes.

Positive school outcomes


A complete program

The eMathMaster School Editions upgrade every element of the Teacher Edition K12 to include some powerful features:


Make your own online courses

Our fully customizable system allows schools to create, import and utilize extremely powerful software. Schools can deliver effective and cost-efficient learning outcomes.

eMathMaster offers schools, higher education colleges and other educational institutions the power and flexibility to deliver some outstanding learning outcomes, using technology to increase student and staff engagement, reduce overheads significantly and save time.

Add / remove / re-assign student & teacher

With the click of one button, you can add/remove/re-assign teachers to subjects and oversee their progress in that subject. You can also manage students and monitor performance and progress, offering targeted and appropriate action or assistance.

Built in K12 math curriculum

eMathMaster School Editions include the K12 curriculum for math from Kindergarten through to Grade 12. Within the system, there is flexibility to add your own schemes of work. The School Editions also allow you the freedom to create your own courses for any subject. Available for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools with complete versions available, offering the full curriculum.

See reports of teacher's / student progress on courses

This program covers Kindergarten through to Grade 12 math, delivered through over 1,500 video-based sections, including Lessons, Teaching Techniques, developing reasoning and deep-thinking elements. The course is divided into seven subjects:

Sample Video Lessons

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Lesson Sample 5 - Geometry

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Teaching Techniques Sample 7

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Lesson Sample 4 - Operations in Fractions

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Teaching Techniques Sample 3


Middle/High School Teachers

Teach Kindergarten through to Grade 12

Elementary School Teachers

Teach Kindergarten through to Grade 5/6

K12 Student Edition

Kindergarten through to Grade 12.
Learn and study math, anytime, anywhere, 24/7!


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As a passionate mathematics educator seeking always to find better and new ways to teach my students, I really value what eMathMaster has to offer. The lessons are insightful and engaging and provide strong visual and auditory reinforcement of the material better than anything else I have seen on the market. The teacher training videos offer insight that normally has to be gleaned through years of teaching experience and introduce insightful ways of teaching the material. I can genuinely say that I have learned valuable tricks along the way, even though I have been teaching for 15 years. Some of the techniques have sparked conversations amongst colleagues and have provided us with alternative means of explaining lessons.

- Kerri Hallihan, Scituate High School

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