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eMathMaster K-12 Teacher Edition is a complete learning management system aimed at providing all educators with the skills to deliver high-quality math lessons. The program begins with Kindergarten and works up through grade 12.

With the help of the software, teachers can deliver high-quality lessons knowing that they have a clear understanding of the material. eMathMaster is available 24/7 on all devices with an internet connection.

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Middle/High School Teachers

Teach Kindergarten through to Grade 12

Elementary School Teachers

Teach Kindergarten through to Grade 5/6

K12 Student Edition

Kindergarten through to Grade 12.
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As a passionate mathematics educator seeking always to find better and new ways to teach my students, I really value what eMathMaster has to offer. The lessons are insightful and engaging and provide strong visual and auditory reinforcement of the material better than anything else I have seen on the market. The teacher training videos offer insight that normally has to be gleaned through years of teaching experience and introduce insightful ways of teaching the material. I can genuinely say that I have learned valuable tricks along the way, even though I have been teaching for 15 years. Some of the techniques have sparked conversations amongst colleagues and have provided us with alternative means of explaining lessons.

- Kerri Hallihan, Scituate High School

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