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How eMathsMaster and Microsoft became partners

Adam Caplan, CEO of eMathsMaster & eMathMaster, reflects on the huge success of using Connect@Bett at Bett London in 2017 to schedule meetings and connect with decision makers, as the "most important thing that could maybe have happened commercially in [his] life"

The Epicenter of Edtech

June 24-27, 2018, Chicago

eMathMaster is excited to be exhibiting as part of the Microsoft family at ISTE in Chicago this year. Adam Caplan, our CEO will also delivering his keynote: Accessing The Future Through Math at the event. Watch out for a special offer for all show visitors, coming soon.

Inspiring Leadership Conference 2018

14-15 June, ICC, Birmingham

eMathsMaster is proud to be platinum sponsors and exhibitors at the Inspiring Leadership conference. At the conference we will be talking about how Maths is vital for children to access the future and how our solution is helping teachers deliver even better Maths lessons. There's the opportunity to register for HPFE and get £500 credit towards eMathsMaster for free just by signing up. We are also offering the chance to win one of two HP devices in our free prize draw.

Bett London

24-27 January 2018

eMathsMaster returned to Bett in 2018, but this time eMathsMaster was invited to exhibit on the Microsoft Education stand as one of 11 partners.

Bett was exceptional this year and we look forward to Bett London 2019!

Hack The Classroom

27 JUNE 2017


Watch US Math teacher, and eMathMaster teacher Kerri Hallihan (1:25:42) & eMathsMaster/eMathMaster CEO, Adam Caplan (1:39:46) discuss the benefits of eMathsMaster at Microsoft's Hack the Classroom event.


Sample Video Lessons

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Lesson Sample 5 - Geometry

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Teaching Techniques Sample 7

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Lesson Sample 4 - Operations in Fractions

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Teaching Techniques Sample 3


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As a passionate mathematics educator seeking always to find better and new ways to teach my students, I really value what eMathMaster has to offer. The lessons are insightful and engaging and provide strong visual and auditory reinforcement of the material better than anything else I have seen on the market. The teacher training videos offer insight that normally has to be gleaned through years of teaching experience and introduce insightful ways of teaching the material. I can genuinely say that I have learned valuable tricks along the way, even though I have been teaching for 15 years. Some of the techniques have sparked conversations amongst colleagues and have provided us with alternative means of explaining lessons.

- Kerri Hallihan, Scituate High School

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