Do you need to learn and study Math over the summer? Are you worried about missing out? eMathMaster has got you covered! eMathMaster Summer School is a virtual program that makes Math fun and engaging for both teachers and students! It is the most thorough and exciting program available, as well as the fastest way to learn and improve your Math ability.

Who’s joining the eMathMaster Summer School?

There are two summer school editions available.
They are:

*FREE teacher training program is subject to a minimum purchase of 15 student licenses per summer school teacher.

Students get home access to Math assessments to help see where their strengths and weaknesses are.

410 modules of Math, comprised of 6 steps that cover these 8 topics of the Math curriculum:

Sample Video Lessons

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Lesson Sample 5 - Geometry

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Teaching Techniques Sample 7

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Lesson Sample 4 - Operations in Fractions

eMathMaster K12 - eMathMaster Teaching Techniques Sample 3


Middle/High School Teachers

Teach Kindergarten through to Grade 12

Elementary School Teachers

Teach Kindergarten through to Grade 5/6

K12 Student Edition

Kindergarten through to Grade 12.
Learn and study math, anytime, anywhere, 24/7!


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As a passionate mathematics educator seeking always to find better and new ways to teach my students, I really value what eMathMaster has to offer. The lessons are insightful and engaging and provide strong visual and auditory reinforcement of the material better than anything else I have seen on the market. The teacher training videos offer insight that normally has to be gleaned through years of teaching experience and introduce insightful ways of teaching the material. I can genuinely say that I have learned valuable tricks along the way, even though I have been teaching for 15 years. Some of the techniques have sparked conversations amongst colleagues and have provided us with alternative means of explaining lessons.

- Kerri Hallihan, Scituate High School

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